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About Our Hay

We specialize in Tifton 85 horse quality, square, wire-tied hay bales.

We grow our Tifton 85 Bermuda grass hay in our own fields at Stargate Farm.  Our hay crop is weed controlled, fertilized, wire-tied, and barn stored at Stargate.  We fertilize with a blend each Spring and after each cut for highest nutrition.  We perform tests and do a thourough analysis on our crop to inssure highest quality.

Why Chose Tifton 85...


-Higher Crude Protein Levels

-Low sugar content

-Low starch content

-Higher Digestibility



Tifton 85 is a bermuda grass hybrid, crossed with bermuda and a close related tropical grass with high digestibility called Stargrass.  It is typically preferred by horse owners for it's high digestibility and it's highest nutritional value among grasses grown in the south.

Tifton 85

square bales

round bales


Coastal Burmuda

round bales


Delivery is available

Please call or email for pricing and more information


Stargate Farm                 contact:   Jonah Massey            phone:   903-243-2915            email:

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